Friday, May 13, 2011

A little bit unexpected

What an interesting week. You know how sometimes you have this idea of how the week is going to go. You plan which days you'll visit with family and which days you'll spend working on things around the house, and then poof....things happen and your schedule has to change.

Yep that's what happened but everything turned out great. My car is fine and my sprained wrist is getting better. I hurt it a few weeks ago and it turns out it's nothing serious. Physical therapy is helping out a lot and it's sooo interesting. I tend to get excited about new experiences so I'm like a kid on a playground in the PT room. I even got neon yellow putty to take home and strengthen my hand.

So last weekend I was able to play around in the kitchen and I made two batches of velvet cake. I blogged about some projects I wanted to complete last week and found the inspiration from a fantastic picture on flickr. I wanted to make a velvet cake in a very saturated colour so I used neon food coloring. But I think I used a bit too much dye and I ended up with beautiful jewel toned cupcakes.

The first batch was a combination of pink and purple dye which turned out to be mauve. I added the star sprinkles to liven it up and while I was looking down into the bowl I couldn't help but think of a yummy galaxy. :)

The second batch was made with neon blue dye. I was able to get this really gorgeous teal's almost a dark green. I looove how these turned out and oh my gosh, the white chocolate cream cheese frosting was super delicious. The bigger pic is on my flickr.

I didn't have time to make the vertical cake and I think I will have to push that back till next week, but I do have some other smaller projects lined up for the weekend.

-I want to make a space inspired hair piece, think fascinator, for an event on Sunday. Eeep, I guess that means I don't have a lot of time. I already have all the materials, I just need to decide on a design and make it.

-Another thing I've been thinking about is my gocco printer. I bought that thing ages ago and have yet to use it. Since I've got beach on the brain, perhaps the design I come up with will be beachy and fun!

That's all for now, gotta get ready for a baseball game! Have a great weekend!!


  1. those both look so beautiful!! And I can't wait to see the space hair piece if you can do it in time :D

  2. Now I wanna make some cupcakes!! :D

  3. San-Yeah so I didn't make it in time but I do want to make a hair piece for my friend's wedding Sunday. Space won't go with my dress though so I may make one inspired by the beach or the dress...not sure

    Bon-Do it!! Those cupcakes were from Martha Stewart and I found the icing recipe on