Friday, August 6, 2010

Favourite Friday (late edition)

I wasn't able to post earlier because a wonderful thing happened boyfriend worked from home today. It was really nice to wave to him every once in a while and take a lunch together; a lunch at a really stellar place. Some of my favourites...

~Stone Soup Kitchen...I love this place and my favourite soup so far is the Hungarian Mushroom. What an absolutely wonderful concoction.

~The IT Crowd, I've recently become addicted to this show. If you haven't seen it, give it a shot. I adore Moss!

~BC Footwear, I've owned 2 pairs of their shoes before and they fit true to size. I generally have a hard time finding shoes that fit well and I was overjoyed when I had no problem with theirs. I'm currently loving these babies. Although, I wish they had a light blue or gray but purple is the next best colour for me.

~Baked, I was reminded of this while unpacking a few things today. JT and I went to Charleston this July and popped in this bakery for some relief from the heat. Not only did we purchase 2 cupcakes and a mango cheesecake bar, but I had to have a souvenir mug. It's currently in the dishwasher, almost ready for use. Everything was delicious and if you can't get to Charleston or New York, you can purchase their recipe books on their website or amazon. I highly recommend it!

~Between the Folds, a really intriguing documentary about origami and the people that love it. I loved the fact that they interviewed different people with different backgrounds, it really added a lot to the film.

Sorry this post is a bit's a hodgepodge of the past few days. Oh and I did finish my list from Tuesday, which is a wonderful feeling. Ciao! Off to watch more IT Crowd! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whew, I forgot how overwhelming a move can be. Boxes everywhere, the floor littered with packing material. It can seem a bit daunting, but just like everything else in life, all you have to do is chip away at it. One thing that helps me is to make lists, I love them. Here's my list for today. I try not to make them too long. Focusing on the possible is a great way to help you stay motivated.

  • Go to work
  • Unpack 2 boxes
  • Go to dentist (FUN! I do actually enjoy the dentist.)
  • Work on art project
  • Finish vol 4 of Scott Pilgrim
  • Unpack 5 boxes
I'll let you know how I did with the list tomorrow, and I'll show you pictures of the art project I'm working on. I hope you all have a productive Tuesday!