Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whew, I forgot how overwhelming a move can be. Boxes everywhere, the floor littered with packing material. It can seem a bit daunting, but just like everything else in life, all you have to do is chip away at it. One thing that helps me is to make lists, I love them. Here's my list for today. I try not to make them too long. Focusing on the possible is a great way to help you stay motivated.

  • Go to work
  • Unpack 2 boxes
  • Go to dentist (FUN! I do actually enjoy the dentist.)
  • Work on art project
  • Finish vol 4 of Scott Pilgrim
  • Unpack 5 boxes
I'll let you know how I did with the list tomorrow, and I'll show you pictures of the art project I'm working on. I hope you all have a productive Tuesday!

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