Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Picnic Wedding!

Hooray for summer!! I so love this time of year...beaches, picnics, weddings, picnic weddings.
My friends from college, Adam & Megan, got married over the weekend in Aiken, South Carolina. Jonathan and I were fortunate to attend and share this event with them. It was such an adorable and relaxing wedding. I couldn't believe how many picnic blankets there were waiting for guests. I had a huge smile on my face the entire time.

The grounds once we walked in, complete with tables, chairs, and blankets.

The bride and groom finally relaxing after the ceremony and pictures. I love the "Just Married" banner they have hanging from the tree.

And of course, true to Megan's style, adorable jars full of strawberry jam for guests to take home. Jonathan and I took two, hey there were plenty left over okay. :)

Lots of other things have been going on but I couldn't wait to share these photos; oh and there are more on my flickr.

Yep so that's it for now. I hope I can share some upcoming projects with you guys soon. I know I'm an "all over the place" kinda gal, but I'm working very hard to get things organized and be more militant with my time. It's hard for me to turn down a night out with friends even when I have work to do. Just gotta keep on truckin!


  1. I agree. That looks like my type of wedding.

  2. oh what a lovely way to get married ~ looks so beautiful xx

  3. Isn't it wonderful?! I want to make sure that my wedding is just as much fun for the guests as it is for me. Megan and Adam really did a fantastic job.