Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A little vintage

Whew, it's a been a busy few weeks. I'm changing jobs and working in the studio more so I haven't had too much time to be online. Lately, I only get on to check on friends and look for reference images regarding my little line of ceramics. I'm really excited about how things are turning out.

So onward to the adventures I've been having outside of work. A few weekends ago, JT and I spent some time at a local antiques shop, Kudzu. I love this place, such a great way to get inspired. There's something wonderful about old objects and their history.

This setup was fabulous. It totally reminded me of Mad Men. The frivolous side of me would love to have a room full of typewriters and lamps. Which reminds me, a long time ago I bought an electric typewriter from a flea market in North Georgia. I loved the sound and feel of the keys, but I only used it a few times before it broke.

Random case of rocks, another thing I've loved for a very long time. I don't know what it is about rocks but I loved them every since I was a little kid. My grandmother had a collection of rocks in her fancy display case, and I would spend so much time staring at all of them. She recently passed away and I don't know if they will be given to me. It was one of the few things my grandma and I had in common. She would go on vacations, bring home interesting rocks, and label them for display. I do this too and I only recently found a great display case for them.

One of my favourite things I ever brought to show-and-tell, from her collection, was this little sculpture of a miner and a donkey on a chunk of pyrite. For me, that was the coolest thing I had ever seen.
Whoa, this booth is crazy packed with salt & pepper shakers, and this is only part of it! I always feel nervous in this many things and they are all breakable.

This happens to be my fav booth. I'm a sucker for mid-century modern kitchen accessories and furniture. I want to make my own line of cups and mugs inspired by this design later this year. Ack, I didn't even notice the horse illustration hanging on the wall! Oh well, another trip to Kudzu. There are more photos on my flickr account if you want to see some of the items in the booth.

Well, I gotta get back to working on ceramics. I'll blog a little bit tomorrow about Katy Perry and the Renn fest.


  1. I love rocks too! Since I was a little girl, I always had a collection of different types of rocks!

    The day before yesterday my husband brought me an old typewriter of his office, and I loved it! I also have a phone that is older than me, it's funny to call somebody with it =P

    Girl, your blog is pretty nice, congratulations!

  2. Yeah, I wonder what it is about rocks? Perhaps it's something subconscious...

    Wow, so the phone still works?! That's amazing! And thank you for the very sweet compliment. :)