Monday, June 27, 2011

Remember that Weekend with the Cats and Mai Tais?

This past weekend was kind of a "lay low" type of weekend. Jt and I drove to my storage unit in order to get rid of a loveseat that has been sitting in there for a year, and Sunday I worked at the studio. So yeah, it was a pretty chill weekend, but the weekend before that was a bit more eventful. My new 40 hour a week job makes weekend adventures even more important than they were before. I can only remember this life as Emma for a short period of time, so I want to make the most of it!

Let's begin with cats. Jt and I found out late Sunday that there was a cat show up in the North Georgia area. We quickly got in the car and took a little road trip, only to arrive with 30-40 mins to look around. This is the second cat show I've been to and the first one was much much better. I specifically went to find some toys for my kitties, but had no such luck. I think I'm just going to have to buy them online. However, we did see some cuuute kitties while we were there.

This little lady looked like such a princess. There are more pics on my flickr of course.

I loved these guys, snuggling together. The tan one is a boy and the darker one is a girl. They were so sleepy

I didn't take too many pictures because most of the cats were not what I would consider cute. They just didn't have much variety at this cat show, slightly disappointing but all the baby kittens made up for it and road trips with JT are always fun.

The day before was not filled with kittens, but still a good time. The 1st annual Rockabilly Luau occurred and I invited some of my friends to come along with me. Despite the weather, I still had a lot of fun. The music was great and the drinks were fruity!

mai tai extravaganza

Sadly, we got rained out.

Can I just say that I really like the dress I bought for this event?! I admit, I wasn't too sure about it in the dressing room, it's a bit girly, but I loved the print and the cut. I felt like I was wearing a vintage tablecloth/napkin...I guess to some that doesn't sound appealing but I'm a big fan. Hahaha! I was so happy to spend time with my friends I don't get to see very often and seeing my hoop instructor was an added bonus. That girl is such a wonderful teacher and has great spirit. Wow, just looking at the pictures makes me miss my friends. I'm truly grateful for them.

Well, my eyes are starting to hurt, yeah I'm not used to staring at a computer 8 hours a day so I'm still adjusting to that. Other than that, life is grand and we go to the beach on Friday!

Have a great night!

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