Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Finds

For those of you who don't know, I am borderline obsessed with reusing and re-purposing materials. In fact my office/craft room is full of things that "I know would make an awesome ____, but I am just not sure what ____ is yet" Drives my husband crazy.

Anyway, my find this week is something I hope will help give all of my misfits and fabric scraps a purpose. One can dream. The site is craftingagreenworld and it is FULL of ideas for crafters like me. Ironically, the banners and buntings on the home page have been swimming around in my brain for months now, but I have yet to bring them to fruition.

So I have NO excuses. Well, at least the one I use about not having any inspiration is no longer valid. Fabric scraps here I come.

Second only to the above mentioned obsession, is my addiction to spray paint. Nooooo, not sniffing it, the use of it to transform the hideous into a work of genius! I know, I know its fumey and not very "green". SHHHHH its my dirty little secret. So you can only imagine how thrilled I got when I discovered the all natural graffiti made from moss on the website. While I may not be able to paint a chandelier with it, I sure as heck can tag something! Plus, moss, beer and a blender?! Making the "paint" might be just as fun! Oh did I mention, you put moss and beer in a blender? Yep. I am stoked. First item up for tagging, a cement block with my house numbers on it. So does that mean I will have the greenest house on the block? Well at least the greenest house numbers.

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