Friday, February 25, 2011

OOPS! I thought this posted yesterday!
Its the end of February, and its already feeling a bit like spring. Bright blue skies, sunshine that warms you all the way to your soul and wind. Windy wind. These are some of my favorite days of the year, bringing me back to my childhood, where flying a kite was one of the most magical things in the world. My inspiration this week is the wind, here are just a few things that make me smile and take me back to flying kites.

This pillow cover from sukanart is super cute!

I love wind chimes; their sound is so calming. These handmade chimes from gardenjewels sing to me.

Ok, I am ordering one of these shirts from trulysanctuary! It speaks to my inner child as well as my inner hippie!

This kite pin from KathleenMarieKelly is made from recycled cement board. Its super adorable!

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